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Feb 212014

Good morning! I’m in a rush this morning but I still managed to squeeze in the most important meal of the day, breakfast! The other day, I shared Bonnie’s Breakfast and so today I thought I might share mine. It’s a quick, healthy breakfast that can be made and consumed in less than 15 minutes! Who doesn’t love quick and healthy? Seriously, less than 15 minutes, people.

Quick, healthy breakfast

I remember when I was young, watching my mom crack the top off and eat soft boiled eggs and thinking, “Eew! Runny! Gross!” but as an adult, I adore the creamy deliciousness of a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg.

Soft boiled eggs can be eaten in so many ways such as over rice, over toast, over spinach, on a salad or even all by itself. I made toast for the photo op but if you try to do the low carb thing like I do, leave the toast off. Skipping the toast makes this quick, healthy breakfast both paleo friendly and gluten free. Peel the egg or leave it in the shell and eat it the old-fashioned way. in an egg cup.

By the way, aren’t egg cups totally sexy? I love egg cups. I should own more. Lots more. {Hmmm..I feel a collection coming on…}

Quick, healthy breakfast
When I saw this technique at Budget Bytes, I had to try it and she is correct, it comes out perfectly every time. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and post the steps here but definitely pop on over to Beth’s blog and check it out as well as some of her other affordable, delicious recipes. Before you link on over there though, why don’t you comment below and tell me what you like to eat when your morning is rushed?

After my quick, healthy breakfast of scrumptious, perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs, I am off to the gym to turn that fabulous protein into muscle.

Happy Friday, friends!

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  4 Responses to “Quick, healthy breakfast”

  1. I know it’s strange, but I’m not a hot breakfast fan at all. I’m not even a big fan of eating first thing in the morning. But when I do, it’s just good old fashioned, hearth healthy, whole grain cheerios!

    • I’ve never been able to enjoy Cheerios, I’ve tried! My favorite comfort breakfast will always be oatmeal. I love oatmeal! I like grits too but in order to eat grits, I have to doctor them up quite a bit with butter and sugar or syrup, not good! lol! ;)

  2. Raw eggs make my mouth swell, now I’m stuck with scrambled.

  3. I am starving! It’s breakfast time and I wish I was sitting at your table eating this quick and healthy breakfast! I love a breakfast like this … I just don’t always love to cook in the mornings. So … breakfasts around here are really dependent on my mood! ha ha. Sometimes it will be cooked, sometimes it will be cereal, sometimes toast with vegemite. Mostly though, it’s green smoothies. Easy. Yummy. Refreshing … especially in the hot Australian summer!

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